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Following my dream & escaping a world I knew I'd never fit in. #mentalhealth #Artist #career #family

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Welcome to My Blog & Partial Biography

WARNING : Sensitive Issues

This Is Claire AKA Clarissa ( The Sassy British Soul Singer & Pianist ) and THIS is my first ever OFFICIAL blog. Throughout this new of reaching my supporters, haters and folks who are maybe finding themselves stumbling across this blog - I'll say this; It's been a hell of a ride but I wouldn't change a thing.

From feeling lost and alone as a young adult with a gift which people only had a glimpse of on odd occasions, to being surrounded by people who love my live performances in multiple countries, Music paved the way for many things, you could even say it saved my life.

Saved Through Music and Christian Fellowship

Being a victim of bullying when moving to a new school, hitting puberty much earlier than other young girls whilst dealing with a disconnected and stressful home life - I felt I no one and I attempted suicide. Obviously unsuccessful and resulting in an insane headache, other forms of physical self harm feeling I deserved pain. Music helped me to escape these feelings. As time of high stress, I would sit alone in the Music Department which eventually lead to more positive experiences such as leading the High School Jazz Group on vocals, Choir and wanting to share something I felt was good about myself with others. It was like a high, an exhilarating few moments when I didn't feel worthless. Another place I felt relief was the Christian Fellowship where I also ended up performing Lead Vocals with the Fellowship Band.

Pushing Through Disapproval

I went through a variety of experiences, my parents worked hard and as much as much as their hard work bought a home and everything in it , they sacrificed a lot and they deserved so much more for that time they invested and anyone who grew up in the Middle Class in the 90's saw intense work ethic in the industrial world as admirable. So having a daughter who wanted pursue a dream like mine was often frowned upon and not taken seriously, accusing me of being out of touch with reality but just their reality I guess. Unfo